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Rag & Bone Stone Desert Boots

Aloha Rag welcomes Rag & Bone this season with their Hampton Desert Boots. These stone colored boots feature a designer label pull tag and a cool vintage effect throughout. See more photos after the jump…

Empire State of Mind

With so many fantastic things that came from the 1990’s, it’s hard for me to fathom living without the decade. Although I’ve since had to say goodbye to my loving Kurt, rollerblading, Daria Morgendorffer and my 12-year-old physique, I’m relieved to know I can relive the beauty of reckless teenagers through a few current fall styles.

Italian boots that make me wish I was a baller

I look at shoes like this and say to myself, “don’t even look at the price”. Of course I enter the purchase section of the site and what do I see? $1113.80!!! This my friends is why I wish i was a baller. These sexy Officine Creative boots are made of Suede. Well worth the purchase, if I could afford it.