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Dave's Sweet Tooth Toffee

Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee

Dave’s Sweet Tooth isn’t your average toffee brand. Opting out of the standard artificial sweeteners we’re all use to, Dave’s Toffee is made out a handful of simple ingredients like almonds, butter, sugar and milk chocolate.

Eye Of Sauron Lollipops

Eye Of Sauron Lollipops

The Lord of the Rings fan inside of me just exploded with happiness. Etsy store designerlollipop created these Eye of Sauron pops that look absolutely amazing.

Skittles: Newlyweds [NSFW]

These are the type of commercials we need to have in the US. The comedic directing duo, Cousins, go wild on a fake ad spot for the rainbow candy. I’m sure Skittles won’t be to happy when seeing this but at least they were able to match the filming style they usually go for.