I wouldn’t say I have a sweet tooth, per say, but I know what I like. Let’s use gummy candy for instance. If a pack of gummies is opened in front of me, chances are that pack will be gone in less than a few minutes. There’s no such thing as rolling it up and saving it for later when I’m around.

Project 7 sent me a package featuring all their delicious Gourmet Gummies flavors. These aren’t the traditional cherry, lime, and lemon flavors we’re use to, but actually unique takes on flavors you would never think to have in a gummy. They have Birthday Cake, Grapefruit Melon, and Party Mix, which includes the Birthday Cake flavor, as well as Rainbow Ice and Front Porch Lemonade.

If I’m to be honest, the Birthday Cake flavor wasn’t for me. When I eat gummy candy I like the acidic nature of a fruity flavor, and this just doesn’t have it. However, that’s not to say the taste isn’t amazing. You forget for a moment you’re eating a gummy candy, because it’s completely different than anything you have ever tried before. I’m not quite sure how Project 7’s flavor wizards are able to pack such powerful flavors in these tiny little bears, but one thing is for sure, I appreciate their use of organic sweeteners.

Visit Project 7 to order yourself some of these uniquely flavored gummies. If these treats aren’t for you, then be sure to check out their other awesome products, like their gum and mints.