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Tommy Hilfiger 30th Anniversary Celebration

Tommy Hilfiger Celebrates 30th Anniversary in Beijing

Tommy Hilfiger is paying a visit to Beijing, China to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Hilfiger brand. Between May 24 and 26, Hilfiger will host events throughout Beijing, including an exclusive fashion show of his Fall 2015 Hilfiger Collection.

Amazing China Mirage

What seems to be a regular day in East China to you and me, is actually quite different to the locals. After a heavy down pour, a remarkable mirage appeared over the Xin’an River. The mirage showcased mountains and a city scape.

16 Year Old Internet addict beaten to death at boot camp

Parents in China DO NOT like their kids growing up addicted to the internet or the computer in general. They pay thousands of dollars to send them away to boot camp for some discipline. Unfortunately one 16 year old got more than discipline.