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Facebook Paper iOS App

Facebook Unveils ‘Paper’ News Reader for iOS

For once Facebook makes an announcement that doesn’t cause the stock to drop or create mass hysteria on my news feed. This Thursday Facebook announced ‘Paper’, a news reader app for iOS that merges content it curates along with stories from your news feed.

Don Draper Invented Timeline

Did Mark Zuckerberg REALLY steal another thing for Facebook and call it his own? Looks to me as though Don Draper from the hit show ‘Mad Men’ invented Facebook’s new feature, ‘Timeline’.

Social Media Propaganda Posters

I have officially found what I want on my walls in my office. The Social Media Propaganda Posters were created by Etsy artist Justonescarf, and feature old school military style propaganda messages for Social Media; Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The Man without a Facebook

IRL relationships are hard to come by these days. With all the social networks we have to control, who actually has time to see their real friends? ‘The Man without a Facebook’ is a funny parody of what life would be like if you met someone NOT on Facebook, and how they cope day to day.

The LIKE Hanger

What better way to show you like something than with the LIKE Hanger. Hang up your favorite hoodie or jacket, and let the world know your ‘LIKES’ around your house.

Checkin+ for iPhone

Checkin+ is an app that will allow you to connect both your Foursquare and Facebook accounts into one app. And while there are apps already that let you check in on multiple platforms, there hasn’t been anything quite like Checkin+.

Pummelvision Review

Using this website you’re able to create a video slideshow quickly by pulling photos from Dailybooth, Facebook and more!