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Dr. Seuss x Star Wars Mashup

Artist Jason Peltz single handedly took two of my all-time favorite child hood memories and mashed them up: using Dr. Seuss’s illustration style mixed with Star Wars characters.

Breaking Bad Illustrated [video]

This beautifully put together intro for Breaking Bad was designed and animated by Martin Woutisseth. What started out as a tribute to the man himself, Walter White, quickly turned into an illustration stampede of all the other characters; Jesse Pickman, Gustavo, etc.

Featured Artist: Stanley Chow

I realized the other day that we haven’t featured someone in awhile, so naturally when I stumbled across illustrator Stanley Chow I knew it was time. You will get lost scrolling through his portfolio.

Facebook Creeper Comic

A golden rule that should be in place for Facebook is to never, I mean never, like a photo that is more than a year old. Unless of course you are going for the ultimate creeper award.

Old Timey Star Wars Illustrations

There isn’t really anything to say about these illustrations except for how awesome they are. Nick Agin did the Star Wars illustrations for his own personal exploration of the George Lucas characters.

Featured Artist: E.W. Thomason

I haven’t written a featured artist post in quite sometime, and felt it necessary to showcase this Georgia based illustrator. His name is E.W. Thomason, and has to be one of the most talented illustrators I’ve seen.