The Rockthrower Comic Issue #1

The Rockthrower Issue 1

THE ROCKTHROWER is the type of story that made me wish I had spent my weekends at the local comic shop. Read a short synopsis of the comic below and then go read it over on FB.

THE ROCKTHROWER is a dramatic comedy on the trials and tribulations of David Willis, a down and out baseball scout on his last leg. When Willis sees footage of a Palestinian/Israeli conflict, he is transfixed on a new potential pitching discovery — a Palestinian teen throwing rocks with a speed and accuracy that defies even the best pitchers on Major League Baseball teams. On a wild hunch, a wing and a prayer, Dave travels into unforeseen territory to make this kid a star. But will his own heritage of being Jewish and his dark past as a disgraced baseball player put this endeavor towards a path of failure before its even had a chance to succeed?

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The Rockthrower Issue 1 The Rockthrower Issue 1 The Rockthrower Issue 1

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