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Bored Of The Internet? Try These Things

Ah, the internet. It gives us so much, asks so little in return, and yet…who can deny that it does get a little boring from time to time? Sometimes it feels like we’re just hitting up the same sites over and over again, waiting for them to deliver a dopamine hit which, when it arrives, never truly satisfies.

Don Julio, the man behind Don Julio Tequila

The Legend of Don Julio Gonzaléz video

I didn’t realize I had so much in common with the man behind Don Julio Tequila until I watched ‘The Legend of Don Julio Gonzaléz’ video. Much like the tequila maker, Joe’s Daily started from nothing; just an idea and a will to do it.

Weekly Inspirational Round-Up #3

Week #3 of the Inspirational Round-Up series. How’s everyone enjoying them? Hope you enjoy my picks so far. Don’t forget to email me at tips@joesdaily.com for any cool things you come across and think it would be worth writing about.

Sexy bathroom inspiration

We all spend an amazing amount of time in a bathroom, whether we like to admit it or not. Why not make it a comfortable stay while doing your deed or getting cleaned up?