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5 Expensive Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Hime

5 Expensive Stocking Stuffer Gifts For When You Really Want to Spoil Him

When you think about stocking stuffer gifts, you are probably thinking about candy canes, socks, and other items you find in the discount bin. But what about when you're really looking to surprise and spoil the ones that you love?
Tangram Smart Jump Rope

Tangram Smart Jump Rope

Instead of focusing on the amount of jumps you did, let the Tangram Smart Jump Rope keep track. The sleek looking jump rope features 23 LEDs at the rope's center that flashes your current jump count.
CrossRope 2.0

TESTED: CrossRope 2.0

Jump rope training isn't exactly a new trend in the workout world, however it's definitely an activity overlooked. Whether you're trying to keep your heart rate up in-between workouts or just trying to spice up a boring routine, a jump rope is the way to go.