Jump rope training isn’t exactly a new trend in the workout world, however it’s definitely an activity overlooked. Whether you’re trying to keep your heart rate up in-between workouts or just trying to spice up a boring routine, a jump rope is the way to go.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to try out the CrossRope 2.0 System ($150), a bundle that comes with 7 interchangeable CrossRope cables and CrossRope quick handles. The cables vary in weight, so depending on how intense you want your workout to be you can choose from as little as 2 oz (Sprint Cable) or 3 lbs (Titan Cable). My personal favorite feature of the CrossRope has to be the stainless steel ball bearings in both sets of handles that allow for smooth rotational action. This was one issue I’ve had with previous jump rope brands and their cheaply manufactured handles and grips.

Lost and not sure how to begin incorporating jump rope in your daily workout routine? The CrossRope 2.0 comes with an easy-to-follow workout card that will get you going with 6 starter workouts. I’ve found the best way to utilize the system is to add two of their workouts in between your regular cardio routines.

Try using a heart monitor and see the difference with and without the jump ropes in your routine. I think you’ll prefer the results from the former.