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The Butler

The Butler – Home Organizer

Meet The Butler, a cool solution for every busy and/or scatterbrained person. This simple yet smart design will hold your keys, phone, wallet, glasses, and anything else you can think of, all in one sleek spot.

ONDU Pinhole Camera

ONDU Pinhole Cameras

If you love photography, you’ll love this Kickstarter. ONDU Pinhole Cameras are made from high-quality woods and feature a modernized design with rounded corners.

Das Horn

Das Horn

Drink out of Das Horn, cause anything else just isn’t barbaric enough. Industrial designer Alex Chatham and David Segall have set out on a mission to create a drinking vessel unlike anything else.

Memoto Lifeblogging Camera

Memoto Lifeblogging Camera

I love using Instagram (@JoesDaily) and Facebook to share photos, but sometimes I’d rather live in the moment than try to capture it. Meet the Memoto Lifeblogging Camera.

Taper and Fade book

Taper & Fade: Los Angeles

Finally a book showcasing hairstyles that don’t promote the One Direction or Justin Bieber look. Taper & Fade is looking to showcase the cuts and culture of the offbeat barbers in various cities.