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Flaviar Spirits Subscription Service

Flaviar – A Spirits Subscription Service

If you follow Joe’s Daily, you know we talk a lot about booze. Everything from recipes to exclusive, long forgotten blends from distilleries we never knew existed. Call it a passion, or perhaps a problem.

Jim Beam Devil’s Cut

As most bourbon aficionados know, a portion of the liquid in the barrel is lost due to evaporation. After aging, the bourbon is dumped out of the barrel, leaving a fair amount left trapped within the wood. They call this the “devil’s cut.”

Whiskey made from pee

I’m not a huge fan of Whisky myself and this makes me validate my love for Vodka. Gilpin Family Whisky is made from URINE! What? Not only does the Whisky get made with the help of pee, but it’s from old people pee. Specifically diabetics.