If you follow Joe’s Daily, you know we talk a lot about booze. Everything from recipes to exclusive, long forgotten blends from distilleries we never knew existed. Call it a passion, or perhaps a problem. Naturally we fell in love with Flaviar, a members-only spirits subscription service that helps you discover premium spirits from craft to big brands. In this case, we went with whiskey. After we sent in our request, the Flaviar fairies went to work compiling various whiskies for us to sample. At least that’s how I like to think it happened.
When the pack arrived in the mail, and I lifted the box lid, I had a slight giddy feeling. It looked as though I had my own whiskey chemistry set — 5 beautiful vials staring at me. I took both boxes over to my friend’s Super Bowl gathering and had a little sampling party. And I can tell you right now, it was a hit!

“Never trust a man who doesn’t drink.” William Claude Dukenfield, Philosopher and my spirit animal

The benefit to the Flaviar subscription is being able to become the liquor, or in this case, whiskey master I’ve always wanted to be. We all know how expensive bottles of alcohol can be, and it would be a shame to buy something before knowing whether you like it or not. Flaviar cuts out that worry by allowing you to sample brands you normally wouldn’t. I myself have discovered a new palate I didn’t know I had.

Flaviar Tasting Pack

See if Flaviar will let you into their private, members-only subscription service here.