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Andrew Iguodala Reign On Moment

Top 10 NBA Reign On Plays Of The Week (3/9 – 3/15)

Last week's Reign On moment we chose Blake Griffin, this week it's all about Andre Iguodala. Not only did he play some amazing defense and block a dunk single-handedly, he followed up with a right hand spike on the very same play.
Dr. J toasting with Crown Royal XO

Whisky Tasting with Dr. J During All-Star Weekend

Saturday evening was not like any other. While in New Orleans for All-Star Weekend, myself and 20-or-so other bloggers headed over to The Metropolitan Night Club with Crown Royal to partake in a little whisky tasting. Little did we know we would be in the company of a NBA Legend.
Detroit Pistons Dance Off

Little Kid vs. NBA Usher: Dance Off

Dance Cams are nothing new at sporting events, giving fans the chance to show off some moves. Whether they are good or bad is not an issue, having fun is the whole point.
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