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The Absolute Cutest Father and Daughter Photos

Brace yourself for father and daughter cuteness. No seriously, this post will have you both laughing and saying, “AWWWW”, at the same time. Professional photographer, Dave Engledow, started capturing photos of his daughter Alice at a very young age.

Beauty Photography by Jaques Bagios

What originally caught my eye when looking at Berlin based photographer Jaques Bagios work was his fascination with his models’ lips. He captures them remarkably with just enough shimmer and shine, while keeping the model’s face smooth and elegant. See his photos after the jump…

Featured Photographer: Kyle Taylor

I sometimes wish i could get into a photographers head. See what he/she sees, shoot what they shoot. I feel the same way about this photographer I chose to feature. Meet my good friend Kyle Taylor. I never knew Kyle to be a photographer but more of a designer.

Featured Photographer: Michal Pudelka

Michal Pudelka is a photographer from Brno, Czech Republic. I chose to feature his work because of his skill and unique settings he shoots in. He makes me want to pick up my camera and work on my portfolio.

Burning Man 2011 by Scott London

Scott London’s photos from 2011’s Burning Man illustrate the true culture of the people and what goes on there. It would be a trip to actually see all of this in person. See the photos after the jump…

Featured Photographer: Philippe Sainte-Laudy

Every single photo that Philippe Sainte-Laudy takes is breath-taking. Perfect for print or to use as your desktop’s wallpaper. I’m obsessed with his nature photos so I decided to feature him this month. See more of his work after the jump…

Jonathan Ducruix’s Metamorphosis

French photographer Jonathan Ducruix has created a beautiful series called Metamorphosis. The series consists of models posed in various positions and edited in post with deformaties and unique mutations. See the rest after the jump…