Chase Jarvis

I’ve been a big fan of Chase Jarvis’s work since seeing his all iPhone photography book hit shelves at the Apple store I worked at. The man is like a human Swiss Army knife, you never know what skill he’ll show off next. From amazing photography, to re-imagining a dream with Samsung, he’s practically done it all. In Chase’s latest reel, ‘What We Do’, you get to see the broad range of work his team is able to produce.

3 Questions With Chase Jarvis

JD: How has social media changed your work?
CJ: It has not changed my work – it’s given me an opporuntity to share my work more widely. It’s made it possible for me to share the inception, the process and the final product.

JD: Since embracing social media, it’s easy to assume you’ve done the same with current technologies. Have you ever captured a favorite photo of yours via your smartphone?
CJ: Yes for sure. I created the first iPhone app in 2009 that allowed us to share photos to social media. I also created the first book of iPhone photos [The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You: iPhone Photography by Chase Jarvis]

JD: If you could only have one, would you keep Instagram or Twitter?
CJ: Twitter.