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Soneva Covid-19 response

Soneva Has Developed a New Normal Practice for Their Resorts

Today, I was sent a video from Soneva–the world-leading resort operator–which showcases just how they plan on opening their resorts to guests. The video titled, "The New Normal," features Soneva CEO & Founder, Sonu Shivdasani

The Awesome Little Pen That Could Save Your Life

Before we get started, let me take the opportunity to explain that I grew up with a parent that was kind of obsessed with any television show that had to do with crime or deadly experiences.
X-Cap Light Up Hat

X-Cap Light Up Beanie

Not so much a cap as it's a beanie, the X-Cap Light Up Hat features a removable head lamp with four strengths of illumination.
MTS - Bulletproof Laptop Bag

Have You Ever Seen a Bulletproof Laptop Bag Before?

I'd like to think I would never need a bulletproof anything in my life, but you never know these days. The MTS - Multi-Threat Shield is a laptop bag and a fold-out ballistic shield that deploys in just seconds.
Air New Zealand - Orc

Air New Zealand’s Hobbit Inspired Safety Video

Passengers flying Air New Zealand are in for a surprise when the safety video begins to play. Air NZ partnered with Weta Workshop to help create this Hobbit-themed safety video featuring cameos from Gollum, J.R.R. Tolkien's great-grandsons, Fili the Dward, and Peter Jackson himself.