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Fabian Oefner's 'CutUp' Series
Art & Design

Fabian Oefner Slices up Vintage Cameras to Create Resin Sculptures

In his latest series 'CutUp,' artist Fabian Oefner slices up vintage cameras and presents them in resin sculptures. The process used to create these unique sculptures required a mix of high-end and low-end technologies.
Art & Design

Amazing Sculptures of AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Characters

Troy Grove and his brother Trevor Grove of Sideshow Collectibles have teamed up to sculpt some amazing Breaking Bad characters. Their plan was to create a series of miniature toon-up figurines approximately 5" -6" tall, with the likeness of characters from AMC's hit show.
Art & Design

Surreal Sculptures by Nancy Fouts

Imagine if you were to crack open an egg for your delicious breakfast, and you find another egg? Or maybe you whack a shuttlecock too hard, aka. a birdie, and out bursts an egg? These are concepts that can only come from the mind of London-based artist, Nancy Fouts.