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Black Milk Star Wars Collection

The Black Milk Star Wars Collection

I normally don’t write about women’s clothing since this is predominately a men’s lifestyle blog, but when Black Milk releases a line of bodysuits and leggings featuring Star Wars, I just have to feature it.

Angry Bird Star Wars

Angry Bird Star Wars Arrives November 8th

It appears the Rovio train isn’t coming to a halt anytime soon. The Angry Birds creator just released this teaser video for their upcoming game ‘Angry Birds Star Wars’.

Famous Robots Print

Some robots from film and television have received more attention than certain D-list celebrities. To celebrate these hunks of metal, artist Daniel Nyari created a poster of Famous Robots from entertainment.

Dr. Seuss x Star Wars Mashup

Artist Jason Peltz single handedly took two of my all-time favorite child hood memories and mashed them up: using Dr. Seuss’s illustration style mixed with Star Wars characters.

Featured Artist: Stanley Chow

I realized the other day that we haven’t featured someone in awhile, so naturally when I stumbled across illustrator Stanley Chow I knew it was time. You will get lost scrolling through his portfolio.

Star Wars R2-D2 Ice Cube Trays

Think Geek never stops amazing us, especially with their vast collection of Star Wars toys. This silicone R2-D2 shaped ice tray is the perfect accessory for your whiskey on the rocks…


An old man enters a train car but no one will give up their seat. Director Sean Soong animates what’s wrong with society and how everyone has seemed to forget how to respect one another. See the video after the jump…