Apple unveiled their first stylus at the keynote last week, aptly named Apple Pencil ($99 USD). This is their first entry into the stylus market, and have made it to work exclusively with the new iPad Pro.

Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro
The Apple Pencil in action on the new iPad Pro

The idea behind Apple Pencil is to expand the users precision, while expanding the versatility of Multi-Touch. It will allow editing down to a single pixel to give you the most creative freedom you’ve ever had with a tablet.

On a full charge, the Apple Pencil will last you roughly 12 hours. But don’t fret if you run out of juice, this stylus charges fast! The eraser-side has a magnetic top that slides off to reveal a Lightening Connector. In just 15-seconds, the Apple Pencil will have 30-minutes of battery life.

Watch the video above created by Apple to see the Apple Pencil in action. Will you be getting this stylus exclusive to the new iPad Pro? Let us know in the comments.