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Cartoon Characters Drawn as Adults

You ever look back at the cartoons you use to watch and wonder what those characters would look like as adults? Well feast your eyes on a few of your favorite Sunday morning cartoon figures as they’re conceptualized as adults.

Paper for iPad

Paper for iPad is the most elegant drawing app to date on the iPad. It instantly turns your iPad into a moleskin, notebook, or even a sketch book.

Snow Drawings by Sonja Hinrichsen

When I first glimpsed at the snow drawings by Sonja Hinrichsen I was mesmerized. The amount of detail, time, and dedication that was involved in creating such beautiful pieces of work must have been tremendous.

Animation Band by MysteryGuitarMan

MysteryGuitarMan has released another instant favorite of mine on his YouTube channel. It features him using THQ’s new uDraw GameTablet to create an animated band.

Featured Artist: Mason London

I chose to feature artist Mason London because of his cool photo manipulations. He takes a famous photo from someone like Marilyn Monroe and completely changes the meaning of it. See more after the jump…

Tooth Fairy Affair

The Tooth Fairy Affair is wonderfully animated, directed, and composited by Izabela Melamed. It was created using traditional animation techniques; pencil on paper. Music by Jack Brewer.

We Doodle! Fun for your fingers!

ngmoco:) and plusplus bring a new game to the iphone/ipad world. We Doodle is a really addictive game that brings Pictionary to the app store.