Mar Del Cabo by Velas Resorts, a serene adults-only boutique hotel in Los Cabos, Mexico, introduces an exceptional culinary journey for its guests. The hotel is now offering an “Interactive Mexican Mole Cooking Class,” a unique opportunity to delve into the heart of Mexican cuisine and culture.

Mole, more than just Mexico’s national dish, is a symbol of hospitality and respect. Preparing mole is a labor of love, often involving over 20 ingredients, each adding to the complexity and richness of the dish. This culinary experience goes beyond cooking; it’s about embracing and sharing Mexican traditions.

The cooking class takes place in the scenic Encanto restaurant, located oceanfront. It offers a breathtaking view, creating an ambiance that perfectly complements the cultural immersion. The class is led by the talented Executive Chef Mario Rueda, whose expertise and passion for Mexican cuisine are evident in every lesson.

Mar Del Cabo mole cooking class

Participants will embark on a gastronomic adventure, exploring the diverse varieties of mole. The class focuses on two unique types: the deep, flavorful red poblano mole and the distinctive rosa mole from Taxco, renowned for its unique pink hue derived from pink-colored pine nuts.

The hands-on experience is designed to guide guests through the intricate process of making mole from scratch. Chef Rueda emphasizes the importance of balancing chili peppers, chocolate, and spices to achieve the sauce’s signature flavor. Alongside mole, attendees will learn about traditional accompaniments like rice and tortillas, gaining insights into the role of mole in Mexican celebrations and family gatherings.

Mole cooking class at Mar Del Cabo

Not only will participants learn to create this iconic dish, but they will also receive a recipe book. This book is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering the mole recipe, practical tips for ingredient substitutions, and variations to recreate the magic at home.

This exclusive cooking class at Mar Del Cabo is perfect for groups of four and is priced at $90 USD per person, plus tax. To embark on this cultural and culinary expedition, reservations can be made by calling 1.844.314.2352, emailing [email protected], or visiting the Mar Del Cabo website at

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