Princess Cruises‘ distinguished wine program has been recognized once more, garnering the Award of Excellence in Wine Spectator’s 2023 Restaurant Awards. The award, which recognizes wine lists with over 90 selections that both align with the cuisine’s style and pricing, has been given to all of the cruise line’s main dining rooms across its 15-ship fleet.

Wine Spectator, a premier authority on wines globally, has lauded Princess Cruises’ dedication to providing a well-balanced culinary experience. Their wine list, curated with diligence, features over 250 labels spanning various major varietals and wine-growing regions. This expansive selection allows guests to embark on a worldwide tasting journey without leaving their seat.

The cruise line’s wine philosophy, crafted by their beverage team, underscores exploration, discovery, and enrichment. Sami Kohen, Vice President of food and beverage for Princess Cruises, asserted their commitment to creating an extensive wine list that reflects the guests’ shared enthusiasm for travel and celebration, with wines from various destinations they visit.

Moreover, the wine menu, found in the main dining rooms across the fleet, is designed to cater to both occasional wine drinkers and seasoned aficionados. It features wines from numerous countries including New Zealand, Argentina, Italy, and China, along with a special list celebrating women winemakers. The cruise line also identifies and offers biodynamic, organic, vegan, and sustainable wines.

In their recent collaboration with Caymus Vineyards, Princess Cruises now offers an exclusive Caymus Vineyards Winemaker Dinner. Priced at $140 per person, this dinner draws upon the vast expertise of Chuck Wagner, owner and winemaker of the esteemed Napa Valley’s Caymus Vineyards. A five-course menu designed to highlight his wines’ tasting notes is provided, and the dinner is available two to three times per cruise based on voyage length.

For those interested, the full list of award winners is set to be published in the August 21, 2023 issue of Wine Spectator and will be available online on their official website.

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