Princess Cruises Ships By Age, Newest to Oldest 2022

Are you looking to book a Princess Cruises vacation but want to know the age of the ship, its itinerary, and how many people it can hold? You’ve come to the right place.

I’m an avid cruiser, but that doesn’t mean I’ll choose just any itinerary. Knowing what the ship has to offer, especially how new or old it is always plays a major role in how I book a cruise. This is why I created this post to break down Princess Cruises ships by age, class, and how many guests they can accommodate.

Princess Cruises' Ship Relaunches For February, March, and April of 2022.

This post should help those looking to book the newest ships with the latest and greatest offerings from Princess Cruises. If there is something you would like to see included don’t hesitate to reach out via Twitter or shoot me an email.

How Many Ships Does Princess Cruises Have?

As of 2022, Princess Cruises has 15 ships in service, with rumors of a new others on the way. We’ll have to wait and see.

What is the Newest Ship for Princess Cruises?

Princess Cruises’ newest ship is Discovery Princess. Originally scheduled to debut in November 2021, Discover Princess set sail for the first time on 27th March 2022 from Los Angeles.

Princess Cruises Ships Newest to Oldest

Below you will find Princess Cruises’ ship line-up in order of newest to oldest ship. I’ve also included their latest ships being built and their estimated arrival date.

Princess Cruises Ships By Age New To Old

  • Discovery Princess, 2022
  • Enchanted Princess, 2021
  • Sky Princess, 2019
  • Majestic Princess, 2017
  • Regal Princess, 2014 (refurbished 2017)
  • Royal Princess, 2013 (refurbished 2018)
  • Ruby Princess, 2008 (refurbished 2018)
  • Emerald Princess, 2007 (refurbished 2019)
  • Crown Princess, 2006 (refurbished 2018)
  • Caribbean Princess, 2004 (refurbished 2019)
  • Diamond Princess, 2004 (refurbished 2019)
  • Sapphire Princess, 2004 (refurbished 2018)
  • Island Princess, 2003 (refurbished 2017)
  • Coral Princess, 2002 (refurbished 2019)
  • Grand Princess, 1998 (refurbished 2019)

Princess Cruises Ship Age, newest to oldest

Royal Caribbean Ships By Age, Class, And Passengers

Discovery PrincessRoyal Class20223,6601,346
Enchanted PrincessRoyal Class20213,6601,346
Sky PrincessRoyal Class20193,6601,346
Majestic PrincessRoyal Class20173,5601,346
Regal PrincessRoyal Class20143,5602,000
Royal PrincessRoyal Class20133,5601,346
Ruby PrincessGrand Class20083,0801,100
Emerald PrincessGrand Class20073,0801,200
Crown PrincessGrand Class20063,0801,200
Caribbean PrincessGrand Class20043,1401,200
Diamond PrincessGrand Class20042,6701,100
Sapphire PrincessGrand Class20042,6701,100
Island PrincessCoral Class20032,200900
Coral PrincessCoral Class20022,000900
Grand PrincessGrand Class19982,6001,100

Who Are The Godparents Of All Of The Princess Cruises Ships?

Becoming a cruise ship’s godparent is a big honor and one that can take some time to figure out. Below is a list of all current godparents of Princess Cruises’ ships.

  • Discovery Princess – Fashion designer Randy Fenoli, chef Alex Guarnaschelli, special effects designer and fabricator Adam Savage, and real estate broker and flipper extraordinaire Page Turner
  • Enchanted Princess – Marinella Cossu, an employee of the shipyard, served as Enchanted Princess’ godmother for the ceremony
  • Sky Princess – Captain Kathryn ‘Kay’ Hire and engineer Poppy Northcutt from NASA
  • Majestic Princess – Basketball stars Yao Ming and Ye Li
  • Regal Princess – Crew from “The Love Boat”
  • Royal Princess – Kate Middleton, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge
  • Ruby Princess – Trista and Ryan Sutter from “The Bachelorette”
  • Emerald Princess – Florence Henderson, Marion Ross, Erin Moran, Susan Olsen
  • Crown Princess – Martha Stewart
  • Caribbean Princess – “The Love Boat” actress Jill Whelan
  • Diamond Princess – Wife of Kazuo Tsukuda, president of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Yoshiko Tsukuda
  • Sapphire Princess – First Lady of Alaska, Nancy Murkowski
  • Island Princess – Olympic Gold Medalists, Jaime Sale and David Pelletier
  • Coral Princess – President of Panama, Mireya Moscoso
  • Grand Princess – Olivia de Havillard

Other Cruise Line Ships by Age:

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