Princess Cruises has marked a significant milestone in the evolution of luxury cruising with the announcement of the two captains who will lead the Star Princess, the line’s second Sphere Class cruise ship. This grand reveal took place during the official keel laying ceremony in Monfalcone, Italy, heralding a new era of seafaring elegance and leadership.

Introducing Captains Arma and Nash

Star Princess Captains have been announced. Captain Gennaro Arma and Commodore Nick Nash
(left) Captain Gennaro Arma, (right) Commodore Nick Nash

The responsibility of commanding the Star Princess will be shared between two seasoned mariners, Captain Gennaro Arma and Commodore Nick Nash. Captain Arma, currently overseeing the construction of both Sun Princess and Star Princess as the newbuild site lead, will be the master of this 17th Princess ship upon its debut in summer 2025. During his leaves, Commodore Nick Nash, a venerable figure with 33 years of experience at Princess Cruises, will take the helm.

John Padgett, President of Princess Cruises, expressed his pride and confidence in these appointments, highlighting the extensive experience and leadership qualities both captains bring to this prestigious role.

A Legacy of Leadership: Commodore Nick Nash

Commodore Nick Nash’s illustrious career with Princess Cruises spans over three decades. Promoted to commodore of the global fleet in 2020, Nash’s journey with the company began in 1989. His leadership and navigational expertise were instrumental in guiding the Enchanted Princess out of the Fincantieri shipyard. Beyond his service at sea, Commodore Nash has also contributed significantly to the broader maritime community, including serving as President of the Nautical Institute and being awarded the UK’s Merchant Navy Medal for meritorious service.

Navigating Success: Captain Gennaro Arma

Captain Gennaro Arma’s passion for the sea has been the driving force behind his impressive career. Joining Princess Cruises as a Cadet in 1998, Arma quickly rose through the ranks, achieving his first command as Captain in 2015. His exemplary service has not only been recognized within the maritime industry but also by the Italian Republic, receiving the prestigious Commander of the Order of Merit. A native of Sorrento, Italy, Arma’s dedication to his craft and his country is truly remarkable.

Setting Sail in 2025: The Star Princess Experience

The Star Princess is poised to make her grand entrance in August 2025, with cruises available for booking now. This addition to the Princess fleet signifies a commitment to luxury, excellence, and unparalleled maritime leadership. Under the command of Captains Arma and Nash, the Star Princess is set to chart a course of unforgettable experiences and unrivaled elegance on the high seas.