Visiting the Martell Cognac Founder’s House

I recently traveled to Cognac, France to attend the unveiling of Martell‘s 300th anniversary cognac, Martell Premier Voyage. While there, myself and other media were taken on a private tour of the Founder’s House. The house was preserved to look how Martell’s founder, Jean Martell had it when he was alive.

Upon entering, we were offered a white glove in case we wanted explore the items inside a bit closer. It was a pleasant surprise to have so many things to look at. Back in the 1700s, Jean Martell use to hand write twice — what we call photo copy — all of his correspondence. You can see an example of this and my fancy white glove here:

The room’s of the Founder’s House were filled with all sorts of history from the early days of Jean Martell. From private letters he sent to eaux-de-vie suppliers to old advertisements Martell used to promote their cognac. It was quite a treat.

I compiled some of my favorite photos from the tour below:

Founders House Library

Old Martell Cognac Print Advertisements

Founders House - Martell Cognac Ads

Jean Martell's Desk inside Founders House

Founders House Books

 Jean Martell Corespondance with Suppliers

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