There are a million and one ways to get away on holiday – but if you’re looking for the ultimate experience, then heading off on a cruise promises you a big experience in every way. Of course, cruising has been popular for a very long time and has always been the watchword for a luxurious and leisurely way to travel. But the new generation of cruise ships is putting all that have gone before well into the shade.

For proof of this, you only have to take a look at to see that the world’s biggest-ever cruise liner will be sailing the seven seas from March 2022 onwards. The sheer size of it is hard to imagine – over three and a half football pitches in length with 18 decks, it’s more like a floating city than a ship. But it has to be big if it’s going to deliver the huge experiences that holidaymakers demand from this type of break.

So, beyond the luxurious suites and attentive service from a crew dedicated to the pleasure of passengers, a cruise is all about what there is to do onboard, as well as when the ship docks in various ports around the world.

One particular form of entertainment that has become virtually synonymous with luxury cruises is the casino. Where better to try your luck than in the plush surroundings, often alongside other players in evening dress? It’s also an activity whose popularity has risen thanks to the success of online casinos in attracting new players. In fact, there is such a profusion of these that sites like have started to spring up to help players choose the best ones of all. These sites also track down the best welcome bonuses too – a very common way of attracting new players – as well as offering in-depth independent reviews of the sites in question.

Alongside the onboard entertainment that often also includes world-class acts performing shows to appreciative audiences, a cruise also offers the chance to explore the world. It’s hard to think of another kind of holiday that allows people to see so many different places in such a short space of time. For example, a typical itinerary of a Mediterranean cruise could include days in Athens, Rome and Barcelona, along with less hectic days at sea giving passengers the chance to relax amongst all the sightseeing, as covered on

Part of that relaxation will also include enjoying the famously sumptuous dining that is a big feature of holidaying afloat. Even relatively modest cruises including the one outlined in offer lavish menus prepared by some of the finest chefs in the world. Often with a wide choice of cuisines to choose from on each particular ship, it is also a gastronome’s delight.

So with so much to offer so many people, it’s no wonder that more and more of us are choosing to come aboard for unforgettable holidays. It’s also very good news that the ships big enough to accommodate them are also being built and launched.