Did you know that around the world women spend over 200 million hours a day collecting water? I was not aware of this alarming number until I heard it from Matt Damon and how we can fix it with the ‘Buy a Lady a Drink‘ campaign.

Today at Sundance Film Festival, Stella Artois and Water.org are launching ‘Buy a Lady a Drink,’ a campaign to help stop the journey millions of women around the world take to collect water for their family. To help kickstart the campaign, Stella Artois will show Anita, a film about a woman who had a water tap installed in her home a year ago. As you might imagine, the water tap has changed Anita and her family’s lives. Her children no longer miss school now that they can avoid lining up at the local water source. And Anita is now able to help with the family business and plant crops, rather than making that long journey each day for clean water.

Limited Edition Chalice = Clean Drinking Water

Stella Artois has already donated $1.2 million to Water.org, but let’s not stop there. Each Stella Artois Limited Edition Chalice sold during the ‘Buy a Lady a Drink’ campaign equals five years of clean water. Also, Stella Artois will donate $6.25 back to Water.org for each chalice sold in the US, up to 20,000 chalices. That’s huge!

Support the cause and buy a limited edition chalice on Amazon.