Captain Morgan

Friends, pirates, and lifestyle enthusiasts, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Today I introduce you to Captain Morgan’s “Perfect Getaway” video. This video will be used by the Joe’s Daily readers to solve challenges throughout the month of April. Each challenge is released on Monday 12pm (EST). You will answer the challenge question in the blog post for that week. Each week the number of correct answers in the blog’s comments will be tallied. The blog with the most correct answers wins prizes for that week. At the end of the month, the amount of correct answers for all three challenges will be totaled and a first prize winner will be named.

There is a total of 10 blogs competing, so we have to do our best to crush it! Make sure you share this with your friends because we will need all the help we can get. And remember, the better does, the better the chance I can give away cool prizes. Get excited!