Okay, so whatever is in Freshpet, must be really really good. We’ve all wondered what goes on when we’re not at home. Does the tv turn on by itself? Does the couch breathe a sigh of relief that it no longer has to support you and your friends? Does the lamp gaze at the sun and ponder the wattage? Does your dog crack open the fridge and have his way with what’s inside? Well, Lisa was tired of asking such questions so she setup a camera. And thanks to her efforts at least one of those has been confirmed. This dog utilizes not only his paws, but then a rolling chair to prop the refrigerator door open (obviously). Then proceeds to seek out his target, Freshpet, and get his grub on. If whatever is in Freshpet inspires these kinds of deeds, we may be in store for a lot of these videos, and maybe some sort of super secure storage facility where even humans can’t get in…. But then what goes on in there when we’re not around?

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