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Fish Playing Catch Like a Dog

Viral Video: Fish Playing Catch Like a Dog

If you’re on the internet you probably couldn’t help but see this ‘fish playing fetch like a dog video.’ Turns out there’s an extended version, which just popped up on YouTube yesterday, which purportedly shows that fish can’t really play fetch… unless they’ve had their mind replaced by that of a dog’s.

Underwater Dogs book

Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel

Dogs and cats rule the internet. So much so that we have to plaster them all over our Instagram and Facebook feeds. To help feed your habit for furry animals, award-winning pet photographer and animal rights activist Seth Casteel created Underwater Dogs.

Animal Butt Magnets

Leaving a note for your roommate has never been this fun. Each purchase comes with a set of 7 animals and are all equally as funny.

Hippo’s Epic Fart

Is the coast clear? If you’re at work I would recommend wearing headphones to watch this. Oh, and if someone is eating, tell them to put down the fork. This hippo rips ass like it’s nobodies business.

Sheep at the Long Beach Fair

JoesDaily Instagram Roundup #1

As I was looking through my Instagram feed the other day I realized how I’ve taken so many great photos I’ve yet to share with my audience. Instagram is one of my all time favorite apps on the iPhone and it continues to become better and better with each update.