Were you at all aware that over 70% of young men, aka. amateurs, suffered from or contributed to “tragic overspray?” Old Spice is looking to hack away that horrific statistic by educating our youngins a thing or two about proper spraying. By watching the Old Spice video above you will not only educate yourself on the new Re-Fresh Body Sprays, you’ll find out how their scientists did it. We’re talking 45,000 years of rigorous research and the occasional bikini parties.

In the “Smellcome to Manhood” pack Old Spice sent over I was pleasantly surprised with the body spray selection: Bearglove, Fiji, and Swagger. As I write this I’m rocking the Bearglove across my chest and it smells, well, manly. I can’t put my finger on the actual smell emitting from my chest, but I can assure you the ladies will love it. The image below shows you the body spray designs I received.

Old Spice Re-Fresh Body Spray


I will be giving away a #SmellcomeToManhood pack courtesy of Old Spice next week. To see a sample of what’s to come, see the Instagram video below showing off what I received in the pack.

This post is hilariously sponsored by Old Spice