An Economy of Grace by Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley: An Economy of Grace (winner)

Director: Jeff Dupre

Kehinde is a world renowned painter, famous for his classic portraits being redone with African American men. His recreation of these classic pieces is an accomplishment by itself. The art is designed to reengage with the original purpose of the classic portraits, to flaunt and tout one’s wealth and status. Of course he puts a modern spin on things and you may see some high end sneakers and trucker hats, as opposed to fine leather boots and a bicorne.

The documentary was conceived when Kehinde decided to paint women instead of men. You follow him into downtown Harlem, where his approach to strangers is sometimes met with great interest, but usually a large amount of suspicion. It is really wonderful to get to see the models have their transformation and then be able to see themselves in a larger than life way.