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New Jersey Boardwalk at night

Wonderful Things To Do In New Jersey

The United States of America is home to some of the greatest traditions, landscapes, and cities on the entire planet. When you think of some of the most significant and historical events of recent history, you probably picture the American flag.

Synchronice – Paradox (Original Mix)

They’re just two youngins from New Jersey doing what they love and doing it pretty damn good. If you like dubstep, then you’ll love what these under 20-somethings are putting down.

Untitled City Project

Wow, who would have thought a 2-3 minute episode could be so damn intriguing? The Untitled Jersey City Project features 8 short form episodes that are fragments of a larger story.

Joe's Daily at Apliiq Photo Shoot

Apliiq: Custom Clothes Made By You

You know that feeling you get when you put on new clothes and hit the town? You feel like a new person that’s unstoppable. That is until you run into someone wearing the exact same clothes as you and you immediately run for shelter.

PIGALLE Headwear 2011 Fall/Winter

In need of a new hat this Fall/Winter season? If I was you I would keep an eye out around November for retailer PIGALLE’s new headwear collection. See the collection after the jump…