5 Incredible Innovations In Motorcycle Safety Features And Protective Gear

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, there’s no doubt you already know just how dangerous the roads are. Because you are significantly exposed to danger while driving a motorbike, protective gear and safe driving habits are your best bet in avoiding a potentially severe accident. While you could be the world’s most careful driver, you are still at risk as not everyone on the roads abides by the road laws. So, if you have been involved in an accident, it is best to consider finding a motorcycle accident lawyer before filing a claim with your insurer or the responsible party.

When it comes to maximizing your protection as a motorbike lover, we have listed some of the top innovations in motorcycle safety and protective gear. These significant innovations will enhance your safety on the roads and minimize injuries in the event of an accident.

Airbags In Jackets And Vests

Previously, the safest biker jackets out there were mere genuine leather creations with added padding on the elbows. These days, there are innovative biker jackets with airbag inserts that will add to your protection if you are in an accident. The jacket works with sensors that detect the moment of impact and deploy the airbags to mitigate injuries. At a very minimum you should be looking to make yourself as visible as possible, and even more so during dark nights and early mornings. A hi-vis jacket is highly recommended to help other road users see you; you can often find hardwearing options in the workwear section of stores. This isn’t protection but, it can help with visibility as you ride. 

Helmets With Built-In Camera And GPS

The standard high-quality helmet is quite effective at protecting the brain and skull from severe injury in the event of an accident. However, technology has taken the safety of new motorbike helmets to a whole new level. You can now purchase high-end helmets that have a built-in camera and GPS systems. A built-in camera may not be able to keep you safer, although it can help your case when claiming for an accident that you were not responsible for. In terms of a GPS tracking system, this feature will ensure emergency authorities can locate you if you are in a severe accident and unconscious on the scene as a result.

Anti-Lock Breaks

Suppose you need to brake suddenly to avoid an accident; locking breaks will inevitably cause a collision as your motorcycle will swerve and become uncontrollable in a matter of seconds. The new technology of anti-lock breaks is an incredible safety feature for bikes. The breaks will pump instead of lock, giving you adequate control over your steering in an emergency.

Flexible Impact Technology In Boots

Biker boots have long been overlooked when it comes to enhancing motorcycle protective gear. However, recent innovations have brought biker boots that absorb shock with flexible impact technology that adds ample protection to your feet when in an accident or even a minor fall.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is not just an alluring cosmetic touch, as the extra sight will go a long way when driving at night as a biker. Enhanced visibility plays a massive role in boosting rider safety as you will be better seen on the roads while also enables to see better. Therefore, you can identify potential hazards well in advance to react appropriately and avoid an accident.

Motorcycles can be dangerous, although you can boost your protection and reduce your risks as a driver with so many bike safety innovations. Be sure to look for all the best and latest safety features when replacing your old gear.

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