There are a lot of people who are very active and love the outdoors. Usually, these people will live in a rural area for close access to nature that they can get out into at any time. Many of them think there are too many lifestyle compromises that come with living in a city and that the lack of space for furnishing is not worth it.

However, even life in the city can get you out and about and be very active in nature and still have the advantages of living in a city. Just about every outdoor activity can be done while you live in a city and still give you plenty of access to amenities and cultural events when you aren’t trying to be outdoors.

In this article, we will go over several ways that you can still live an active lifestyle while living in the city.

Find the right fit

There are hundreds of outdoor hobbies and sports that you can practice and each requires access to an area that will allow you to do it. For instance, if you love to paraglide then you clearly need to live by the mountains. If you love to surf then you need to live by the ocean.

Luckily, there are cities that are located close to the natural area where you would need to be to take part in these activities. For instance, if you love to go kayaking then look for houses for sale the beaches Toronto will give you access to.

For those that need to have access to fly fishing, then moving to Calgary is going to be your best bet. For every outdoor activity, there is a city that is nearby to those areas so you have plenty of choices.

Use your time

Living in the city generally means that you have no commute. Or, you’re doing a reverse commute outside the city so there is hardly any traffic. This gives you a lot more time to spend doing the things you love instead of sitting in your car.

Take advantage of that time to do things early in the morning or on the way home from work that the city offers you.

For instance, if you love to fish then you can get up a little early and hit the lake for some trout at sunrise and still be to work on time. Or, pack up the essential gear in your duffel bag or car and hit the fishing hole on the way home and you may even have some fresh fish for dinner.

If you are an avid cyclist then your commute can be combined with your passion so you can go for a long bike ride in a circuit that finishes up at the gym next to your work so you can shower up and head right in. Just plan your time well and you will be able to enjoy the city life while still feeling like you are conquering nature.