The 3 Manly Skills You Need To Master In Life

There are certain things that some men just really need to know how to do. The more skills you acquire in your life, the more well-rounded you will be. And you can be fairly self-sufficient by taking on some skills that are new to you but men in the past all seemed to need to know.

In more modern times, we have taken a lot of the skill level required to get by out of the equation with so many things being easy. Well, one day you may not have everything so easy and can fall back on some of the new skills you’ve learned. In this article, we will go over several of them that you should be learning right away.

1 – Straight razor shave

People are busy these days and are in a rush to do just about everything. With limited amounts of time, shaving has gone from a time-honored ritual to something that can be banged out in 5 minutes. Getting a clean shave and taking the whiskers off of your face so you can be presentable are two different things.

Learning how to give yourself a straight edge or wet shave is a skill that every guy should know how to do. While you won’t want to do it every day, you should have it mastered so you can do a once-a-week routine with a straight razor and brush.

There is no comparison between shaves with a disposable razor and can of cream and a straight razor sharpened on a sharpening stone and badger hair brush. It takes longer, has a big learning curve and there is a risk of a serious cut, but the satisfaction you’ll get from mastering this skill is incredible. Not to mention that this type of shave is much better than one you will get with a disposable.

2 – Plumbing

If you are a homeowner then paying somebody every time something needs to be fixed is not going to be sustainable. Plumbing is a perfect example because paying a plumber to come and fix your slow flushing toilet is going to cost a fortune. Just to have them walk through the door is going to set you back at least $100.

Instead, learn how to do some simple jobs so you don’t have to call one every time you need a radiator flushed or your sink gets backed up. These tasks are going to happen more than once so if you have some experience figuring it out on your own then you can save a lot of money and feel good about taking care of things yourself.

3 – Car repairs

Another area that will save tons of money and time is learning to do some simple car repairs. An example is that you can do your own oil change and save lots of money and avoid having the car in the shop or take time out of your day waiting at a quickie lube center.

Even something more complicated like changing your brake pads and rotors is something that can be done once you have watched a few videos and gotten the right tools. Since these repairs will need to be done periodically, it makes sense to learn to do them yourself.

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