What You Need to Know About Boat Weddings

Most weddings are held in usual places like gardens, beaches, and churches. If both you and your partner want to celebrate your union a little differently, then a boat wedding can be an excellent choice. Before you finalize your contract for a boat wedding, make sure that you know as much as you can about them. Here is some information:

One Venue for Wedding and Reception

One of the biggest perks of having a boat wedding is that you can have your ceremony and reception in one venue. It helps lessen the logistics of moving everyone from one place to another. You also benefit from exchanging vows in an open-air venue while basking in the majestic views of the open seas.

All-Inclusive Wedding Packages

Most boat weddings, like the ones offered by Landmark Event, come in an inclusive package, so you don’t have to worry about securing various services from different suppliers. You may have access to an onsite wedding coordinator, catering, host, music, and others. In some cases, the captain of the ship is also a licensed officiant. Plus, since most boat crews are highly trained, you will ensure that your guests are served by quality service staff. So you essentially have everything you need on board.


Since you can have one venue and an all-inclusive package, your wedding is not only unique but also cost-efficient. If, however, the regular packages are still beyond your budget, you can check for budget package options that will allow you to benefit from more value for your money.

Perfect View

A land-based venue may be well-decorated by the best designers. Still, the most picturesque view can be found aboard boats because every angle allows for beautiful views, such as the harbor, the skyline, and even the coast line. And if you time your wedding right, you could be saying your “I dos” against the perfect sunset.

Hidden Fees

While most boat weddings can save you tons of money, you may still fork up some dollars for hidden fees. So, you have to make sure to ask about other fees such as corkage fees that can increase your final bill. It might be worthwhile to ask about expenses for docking, services, fuel, and others to see if they can be included in your package.

Space Limitations

Depending on the size of the boat that you would like to rent, you will need to follow a strict number of guests. If you are going to use a huge one like the Freedom of the Seas, then the number of guests won’t be an issue. But unlike cruise ships, most boats used for weddings cannot accommodate too many people on board. Aside from the guests, you also have to factor in the crew and staff that would serve during your wedding. You have to understand that this would factor in ensuring that your wedding will be safe for you, your partner, your guests, and everyone on board.

Strict Regulations

Apart from limiting your guest list, some boat owners also have strict regulations about what decor you can use. Commonly, you cannot use decorations that can pose hazards to the boat, especially while it is cruising. You also have to remind your guests that they have to be on time because late guests might miss the boat and be left behind on the dock. So make sure to include it in your invitation that your ship will go on time, or you can indicate an earlier time to give an allowance.
Boat weddings are unique and fun, and it makes up for an unforgettable celebration of love and life with your dear partner.

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