Why Buy a Wooden Wedding Ring Instead of a Traditional Metal Ring?

Choosing your rings is one of the most important and stressful decisions you can make before walking down the aisle. Not only do you have to find something that suits your preferences, but you also need a ring that looks and feels incredible to wear across multiple decades.

Instead of defaulting to a traditional metal ring, consider looking into more unconventional materials, like wood. Here are 5 reasons why you should pick wood over metal for your band.

1. Long-Lasting and Durable

Wooden rings have a bad rap for being less durable than their metal counterparts. While that can be true, a well-constructed wooden wedding ring holds up against long-term use. Jewelers that work with organic materials purposely find wood that’s scratch, bend, and tear-resistant.

Tungsten wood rings found at Alpine Rings are even more durable, thanks to the added metal. You’ll receive all the comfort of tungsten with the uniqueness of wood, making it a win-win for design and function. When properly cared for, wood rings can last just as long as metal.

2. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

As long as the wood wasn’t specifically cut down to be turned into rings, wood rings are sustainable and eco-friendly. Most wood-using industries will throw away small scraps that the jewelry industry can recycle. This practice protects our forests and creates less waste.

Keep in mind that treatments will remove the wood’s ability to decompose. However, when done right, the recycled wood industry is less environmentally punishing than the mining industry. Find a jeweler that distributes moral practices throughout the company to maximize sustainability.

3. Trendy, but Classic

Maybe wood rings will go out of style, and perhaps they won’t. Regardless, wooden rings are trendy in the West right now, which means more jewelers are able to supply them. If you like the look of wooden jewelry, you’ll have your pick of the litter when it comes to the wood-type and overall look.

The concept of wooden jewelry is common outside of North America and Europe. If you choose a wooden ring, you’ll stay ahead of the curve. What’s more, wooden rings are classics that aren’t likely to age with time, considering they’ve maintained their popularity elsewhere.

4. Easy to Maintain

Although traditional metal rings are generally crack and scratch-resistant, they’re more maintenance-heavy than you’d expect. Most metals need constant polishing to look their best, while others need an active cleaning process that prevents rusting and stains.

When treated, you don’t have to worry about splinters, rusting, or scratching. Marks will show up with age, but they’ll blend in with your ring and enhance its look. Wood rings also don’t need to be oiled, as the natural oils in your hands will keep your ring well-conditioned for decades.

5. Affordable and Inexpensive

Wooden jewelry isn’t considered an expensive jewelry staple by any means, but if you wanted to get a wooden wedding ring that was durable and easy to maintain, you were out of luck. You either had to hire a specialty jeweler from your country or purchase a ring overseas.

Weddings, big and small, are exorbitantly expensive, and many couples may not want to pay import taxes or specialty fees just to get their hands on a wooden ring. With the increased popularity of wooden wedding rings, a high-quality ring won’t cost you more than $100.

Since you’re saving big time on your ring band, you can opt for more interesting band textures, designs, or finishes. Or, you can add more flowers, decorations, or food choices at your wedding. Either way, having more money in your pocket is never a bad thing.

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