American Express Unveils New Artists Designed Platinum Cards

American Express today unveiled two new U.S Consumer Platinum Card designs by two highly-acclaimed artists, Julie Mehretu and Kehinde Wiley who transformed the iconic platinum card into pieces of art that really make you think twice about your spending habits! The design will be available for all current members beginning January 20th 2022.

As a longtime American Express Business Platinum Cardholder, I’ve always loved the way AMEX merged art and culture for its members, and can’t wait to get my hands on one next year.

Platinum x Julie Mehretu

Platinum x Julie Mehretu

Julie Mehretu, one of the most renowned abstract artists today, created the Platinum x Julie Mehretu, which evokes the abstract modernity for which she is known.

“For me, making art comes from expanding the imagination and possibility, the incredible feeling of inventiveness and vitality that one can experience with a painting,” said Julie Mehretu. “Art is all around us and I am delighted that a part of my work can now be found on the smallest of canvases in Platinum Card Members’ wallets.”

Mehretu is known for her talismanic and profound works that link architecture, identity and history while also advancing concepts that are fundamental to art itself.

Platinum x Kehinde Wiley

Platinum x Kehinde Wiley

Designed by Kehinde Wiley, a visionary portrait painter best known for naturalistic portraits brought distinctive botanicals to the Platinum Card design for Platinum x Kehinde Wiley, which wonderfully captures the essence of his profound energy and worldview.

“This was an exciting project and powerful experience for me to translate my artistic approach into one of the reimagined designs for the Platinum Card,” said Kehinde Wiley. “I am proud to help Platinum Card Members enjoy a bit of artistic inspiration every day.”

Wiley’s work engages signs and visual rhetoric of the heroic, powerful, majestic and the sublime in his representation of diverse individuals.

Early in their careers both Mehretu and Wiley participated in The Studio Museum in Harlem’s prestigious Artist-in-Residence program. American Express recently committed $1 million in sponsorship of the museum’s work as one of the most important incubators of artistic genius today.

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