Budweiser Celebrates International Women’s Day By Recreating 1950s Ads

If you’ve watched the hit show Mad Men, then you know that the advertising world in the 1950s was extremely sexist. The mere thought of a woman being on the same level as a man was outrageous. Sadly, in many ways, we are still having a similar issue today even though it’s nearly 70 years later.

Today, to celebrate International Women’s Day, Budweiser partnered with #SeeHer and recreated their 1950s ads by showcasing the women portrayed in the original ads with more balanced and empowering roles. Three prominent female illustrators were tasked with using a single theme to recreate their ad: independence, equality, and fulfillment.

Budweiser recreated ads from the 1950s Budweiser recreated ads from the 1950s Budweiser recreated ads from the 1950s

It may not be apparent to my male readers, but only 61% of ads positively portray women. Budweiser is looking to change this with its new commitment, where that number is no less than 100%.

Cheers to that and International Women’s Day.

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