You ever look back at the cartoons you use to watch and wonder what those characters would look like as adults? Well feast your eyes on a few of your favorite Sunday morning cartoon figures as they’re conceptualized as adults: Rugrats, Power Puff Girls, Arthur, and more!

Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexters Laboratory as an Adult

The Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses as Adults


Doug as Adults

Ed, Edd, ‘N’ Eddie

Ed, Edd, n' Eddy as Adults

Power Puff Girls

Power Puff Girls as Adults

Hey Arnold!

Hey Arnold! as Adults

Jimmy Neutron

Jimmy Neutron as Adults

The Magic School Bus


Pepper Ann

Pepper Ann as Adults


Recess as Adults

Rocket Power

Rocket Power as Adults


Rugrats as Adults


Arthur as Adults

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbs as Adults


Codename: Kids Next Door as Adults