TMNT - Splinter

A day after posting the freakishly realistic 3D Popeye I came across, this wonderful set of paintings of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fell on my lap. I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Dave Rapoza’s work before until today, but I can assure you I’ve become an instant fan. He captured my childhood heroes perfectly, including the lovely April O’Neal. Isn’t it scary how an artist can make a fictional character look so sexy real?

TMNT - Leonardo

TMNT - Donatello

TMNT - Raphael

TMNT - Michelangelo

TMNT - April O'neal

TMNT - Casey Jones

TMNT - The Shredder

TMNT - Foot Clan

TMNT - Bebop

TMNT - Baxter Stockman

TMNT - Metalhead

TMNT - Wingnut & Screwloose

TMNT - Rocksteady

TMNT - Slash

Source: Dave Rapoza

Scout: @BronanBarbarian