Author: Joe Miragliotta

Heidi in the Hospital?

Could it be true? Could Heidi Montag really be hurt? US Magazine has reported that the Hill’s star has been rushed...

Before they became famous

I found a bunch of musicians before they became famous and one or two actors. Gotta love what they looked like...

It’s Quote Time

The lovely Megan Fox sharing a little insight on how she feels about on screen kissing. “Oh my God! Screen kissing...

Lawrence Welk

Will Ferrell is amazing. He was on SNL recently promoting his new movie ‘Land of the Lost’. Great skit!

Freddy Fox

I found this video in honor of my brother. Enjoy Dave! haha. This brings back so many memories.

Wanna see a fire crotch?

Google Squared goes live

This is complete boner news for any blogger or research analyst. Google Labs™ has done it again. Creating another gem right...