Art & Design

‘Tautochronos’ photo series by Michel Lamoller

Tautochronos: Photo Collages of People Blending Into Their Backgrounds

Berlin based artist Michel Lamoller is creating some really intriguing images, just by using a common medium in a really uncommon way. To put his Tautochronos collection together, anywhere from 5 to 10 pictures were taken, cut, and arranged to portray several different points in time of a single environment at once.

Shaun Hughes Hobo Nickels

A Modern Take on the Hobo Nickel by Shaun Hughes

In case you are unaware, a hobo nickel is any kind of low denomination coin that has been artistically altered via carving. This miniature, yet impressive, art form began in the 1700’s and has seen its popularity wax and wane over time.

Apple Milk by Peddy Mergui

If Designer Brands Made Groceries

Israeli artist Peddy Mergui has created a series called “Wheat is Wheat is Wheat”, where he takes everyday grocery items and reimagines how designer brands would make them.

Nastya Nudnik Adds Social Media to Paintings

Artist Adds Social Media Symbols to Classic Paintings

Ukrainian artist Nastya Nudnik re-imagined what a classic work of art would look like in today’s society filled with social media. The collection of images is called “Emoji-nation” and consists of such iconic pieces from Edward Hopper and Michael Angel.