Bocce Ball Set from Restoration Hardware

Boy does this bring me back to my child hood. I remember I use to play Bocce Ball at my grandparents house every weekend during the summer, in between hugs and cheek pinches…

Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set

This cup set is for the true computer nerd… like me! The Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set was created by the geniuses over at ThinkGeek (go figure), and boy do they look great on a coffee table.

Shot Glass Checkers Set

Everyone knows the classic drinking game Beer Pong (aka. Beirut). The problem for some is that they absolutely hate beer…

Regnah Axe Hanger

The Regnah Axe Hanger ($46) is the perfect accessory for any door or wall in your home and/or office. How many times have you wanted to throw something at your wall or punch a hole through it?

Mr T. Teapot

What says tea time better than an actual teapot with ‘Mr. Tea’ written on the side of it? Etsy seller LennyMud has a whole collection of cool ceramics with slogans on them.

Urban City Bike Shelves

Urban City Bike Shelves are the perfect accessory for your home. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into someones home and their bike is on their balcony or in one of their closets…

Sheex: Performance Bedding

Ever get hot and bothered while doing the dirty? That’s probably because you don’t have Sheex, the performance bedding.

Death Star Cookie Jar

Even the Dark Force hides their cookies. The Death Star Cookie Jar is the perfect place to hide your Yoda shaped sugar cookies.