Nixon’s Gunship Collection

imilar to our Navy fleet these Nixon watches are made to age perfectly with use. The special finish that was used was designed to wear as you wear them, giving you a sick rugged look. They have 4 in the collection; 51-30 Chrono, The Sentry, The Banks, and The Sporty Player.

Joy Division: A Current Perspective, a Bias Opinion

The challenge of writing about Joy Division is harder than it seems. How come you ask? Simply because there is so much to be said with such an open interpretation of facts and music (Plus, itʼs been done just about a thousand times.)

Sperry wool boat shoe

This isn’t your ordinary boat shoe. Sperry created an urban style shoe out of their classic design. The results are sick. Can’t wait to get my feet in them.

Foursquare Now Tells you when you’ll become Mayor

Were you giving hope of becoming the Mayor of your favorite watering hole like me? Well no longer do you have to be in the dark about what mayorships you are close to getting on Foursquare. Added just a few days ago to the mobile app is information about how many more checkins you’ll need to become the Mayor of a location after you checkin.

Homeless Couture vs. Classic Casual

Stars are blessed with the financial ability to wear the most stylish clothing from the hottest designers. However it is not uncommon to see celebs dressed like someone who would be asking you for spare change and calling you an ass hole when you say you don’t have any.

Hot sweater dress by Kimberly Ovitz

My ideal girl would wear this outfit. Nothing hotter then a sweater dress with some high, dark, boots!

The designer is Kimberly Ovitz. You’d think this was created by a straight man. Who wouldn’t want their girl rocking this outfit while out on the town?

Empire of the Sun: Walking on a Dream, really…no joke

Some people when hearing this name think of a movie with Christian Bale as a young english boy in Japan. Others think of swordfish women dancing, bright colors, acid trips, and an Emperor by the name Luke Steele. This amazing australian “theatrical” band might as well have written a movie. There are few bands that ever do this now, all of there music videos actual tell some type story that is open to interpretation. How would one categorize the music? You canʼt. From a good old ballad to a eclectic pop dance tune.

I’m obsessed with the Gilt Groupe Empire

Are you part of the Gilt Groupe? This fabulous website provides you access, invitational only, to high end brands for men, women, home, etc. The deals are up to 70% of it’s retail value. I think the most appealing thing about the site is the fact that the sales are 36 hours in length and first come first serve.