Finding Flavor Inspiration with Perrier

This post is sponsored by Perrier® Carbonated Mineral Water, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Perrier Carbonated Water Flavors

I’ve found, through a series of delightful trial and errors, that using Perrier’s 7 flavorful carbonated mineral waters makes for an exciting addition to any cocktail (or mocktail). In fact, it’s more than just an addition–It usually shines as the main ingredient.

I discovered the Perrier flavors while looking for cocktail recipes to make that were easy on the calories and sugar. My wife and I are both trying to be better about how much we consume each day, and wanted to make sure that we could still indulge in an adult beverage every now and then. Each Perrier flavor inspired me to test them with a variety of my favorite spirits: whiskey, vodka and gin.

Perrier Flavors

7 Refreshing Perrier Flavors to try

No matter what your tastebuds are craving in a particular moment, Perrier has a flavor for you. Here are the 7 Perrier flavors listed in order of my personal favorites:

  1. Watermelon: Summer
  2. Lime: Classic cocktail twist
  3. L’Orange: Combination of orange & lemon, subtle, citrus
  4. Strawberry: Bubbly, bright, berries
  5. Lemon: Bright, tart twist
  6. Pink Grapefruit: Bracing tartness
  7. Peach: Stylish, bold, daring

All the flavors are perfect if you’re looking to smack your tastebuds with refreshingly crisp fruit flavors. Whenever I crave a sugary drink these hit the spot–Best of all they’re guilt-free!

Strawberry + Pineapple Vodka Fizz Recipe

Strawberry + Pineapple Vodka Fizz Recipe

This might be the easiest cocktail recipe you ever make. It works great as a mocktail too if you don’t drink. Here are the ingredients for my strawberry + pineapple vodka fizz.


  • 3oz. Strawberry Perrier
  • 1.5oz. Pineapple Vodka (substitute pineapple juice with your favorite vodka)
  • Glass of ice


Combine all ingredients into rocks glass (or any glass for that matter) and give it a good stir. If you’re feeling fancy, buy some fresh strawberries and throw them in too.

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