If you’re a wine lover, you probably always have a couple of bottles ready to go. Maybe you also have a set of wine glasses that you love and a favorite corkscrew that never lets you down. But there’s also so much more you can do with wine if it’s a big part of your life. There are certain things that every wine enthusiast should have, whether you’re partial to a Bordeaux or you can’t resist a Zinfandel. The right accessories can help you to enjoy your wine even more, ensuring it’s in the right condition to drink and even helping it to last longer.

A Reliable Bottle Opener/Corkscrew

You can’t enjoy your wine if you can’t get into it. There’s nothing wrong with a screw-top bottle or a box of wine sometimes, but if you’re dealing with corks and foil, you need to be able to get into the bottle. A reliable bottle opener or corkscrew is a must for anyone who loves wine. There are simple corkscrews that get the job done easily or there are bottle openers with mechanisms that make it even easier. Of course, if you want to make sure you’re never without one, it’s a good idea to have several.

Aeration Tools

Letting your wine aerate can improve the flavor. You can either use an attachment for pouring your wine or pour it out and let it sit. The coolest wine decanter options are those that are designed to help aerate your wine. Obviously, it’s a bonus if your decanter also looks good. There are several types of aerators, including pourers, decanters, filters, and even electric aerators. On the other side of the coin, you also have the option to get wine stoppers to help preserve your bottles for longer. For example, the Vacu Vin gives you a vacuum seal.

The Perfect Wine Rack

Some people only buy wine when they want to drink it. But a lot of wine lovers have a collection so they can take one out whenever they want to. If you have a collection of wine, you need somewhere to keep it. It demands the perfect wine rack, where you can not only store your wine but also put it on a display a little. You can find some beautiful designs and a range of sizes so it’s easy to find a wine rack suitable for your collection (no matter how big or small).

Cheese Items

What goes better with wine than cheese? If you’re someone who also loves cheese of all kinds, especially when paired with wine, it’s useful to have a few essential cheesy accessories. Out of everything, the two things you can really benefit from are a cheese board and a good cheese knife. These are essentials for putting on a decent cheese spread, apart from the cheese itself, of course. Choose a set that looks good and goes well with your wine glasses.

If you’re a wine enthusiast, you need some essential wine accessories to make your wine experience better every time.