Yes, you read the title right. Michelob ULTRA is looking to help you get a different type of six-pack this Spring with their newly launched dedicated Alexa Skill on Amazon Echo. It’s called ULTRA 95, named after Michelob ULTRA’s low 95-calorie per serving, and it’s the first skill from an Anheuser-Busch brand to launch for Amazon Alexa.

Have an Echo, grab ULTRA 95 here.

Amazon Echo and Michelob ULTRA at ULTRA 95 event

To celebrate the first day of Spring and the launch of ULTRA 95, Michelob ULTRA hosted a studio class where guests were led in a workout by artificial intelligence. Fitness enthusiast and personality, Kenny Santucci, was on hand to provide some extra motivation throughout the workout

There are 12 different workouts on the ULTRA 95 Alexa skill, divided into three different categories: Strength, Conditioning, and Flexibility. Sounds a lot like my Orange Theory Fitness classes. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from the workouts:

  • The Strength category includes four different workouts: Upper Body, Lower Body, Full Body, and Core.
  • The Conditioning category includes five different workouts: Fat Loss, High Intensity Interval Training, Cardio, Tabata, and Warm Up/Pre-Run.
  • The Mobility category includes Yoga, Stretch, and Warm Down/Post-Run.

Michelob ULTRA launches ULTRA 95 Alexa Skill

Michelob ULTRA launches ULTRA 95 Alexa Skill

Michelob ULTRA launches ULTRA 95 Alexa Skill

Photos: Monica Schipper/Getty Images